Key Factory Insights at Your Fingertips – High Level to Deep Level Analysis

私たちを使用して 製造解析 module, engineers and managers alike can monitor a live dashboard with key factory information. Look at overall trends by line, product, metrology parameter, or equipment type. Then, dive into analysis of specific issues with a single click using our モデルオペレーション AI/ML capabilities.


Combine Factory Information for Effective Data Alignment & Analysis

による フォーブス, 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent making datasets useful. This is especially true with battery manufacturing where you deal with terabytes of data from 60+ process steps and 30K+ parameters.

Semiconductor data is even more complex. That is why PDF software has been developed to ingest and clean large amounts of diverse datatypes, align the data using our semantic data model, and extract key features out of the data.

Note, due to a lack of standardization, most battery manufacturers don’t collect the right type of data or enough of it for FDC. We solve this problem using our Sapience Manufacturing Hub 製品。

Track Quality from Electrode Production to Cell Assembly

Using our semantic data model in the Manufacturing Analytics module, you’re then able to trace each cell back to the batch of electrode film or even slurry that it contains, helping you pinpoint root cause of issues.

Use AI/ML to Act on Your Data

Once data is gathered, cleaned, aligned, and features are extracted, we use our AI/ML models to discover root cause of manufacturing issues and develop applications to allow you to act on your data.


Note our モデルオペレーション module is not only equipped with manufacturing specific AI/ML models but is open and has all the infrastructure for you to deploy your own models.

Measure Key Material Metrics using our In-line Optical Measurement Module (OMM)

Our Optical Measurement Module (OMM) is equipped with a camera system that takes in-line images of material moving at up to 100m/min with 2-micron resolution.

We then use our AI/ML to measure key image features that affect product quality, such coating quality, dross formation, contamination, and burrs.

Then, this key data source, alongside Exensio Battery, allows you to trace material issues to root cause.


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