Smart-Equipment Products

We provide Manufacturing Equipment Connectivity solutions for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. PDF Solutions products leverage open-architecture designs and industry standards to deliver equipment connectivity and control software.

Cimetrix CIMConnect™: Software to implement GEM (SECS/GEM) communication standards on equipment

Cimetrix CIM300™: Software to implement the GEM300 Connectivity Standards

Cimetrix CIMPortal™ Plus: Software to implement equipment-side EDA/Interface A Connectivity

Equipment Control for the Smart Factory

Cimetrix CIMControlFramework™: The software framework for equipment automation and control. The CCF equipment control solution allows OEMs to meet the supervisory control, material handling, platform and process control and factory automation requirements of the factories. Equipment suppliers can leverage framework components through configuration and extension or customize when unique requirements exist.


Cimetrix utility products are used by equipment suppliers and factory customers alike to ensure that equipment is ready for full production use.

Cimetrix EquipmentTest®: Validation of your equipment’s ability to connect to a factory control system.

Cimetrix ECCE™ Plus: EDA/Interface A Client Application and Equipment Connection Emulator



Cimetrix EDATester – Validated Solution for EDA/Interface A Compliance and Performance Testing