Guided Analytics (Optional Module)

Guided Analytics is a web-based add-on module that guides the user through an issue-based analysis path for any of the main Exensio modules.

When used with Exensio Manufacturing Analytics, Guided Analytics for Manufacturing Analytics (GA-MA) is designed to offer an easy-to-use interface with a high-level dashboard for fast assessment of manufacturing yield metrics across multiple products.

The dashboards help users prioritize potential yield issues, identify important patterns and trends, and GA-MA provides AI/ML driven automated analysis for accelerated root cause identification.

The preconfigured analysis flows in Guided Analytics are built on decades of PDF Solutions’ product engineering experience, enabling meaningful analysis quickly.  Customized analysis and further ad-hoc drilldown can be performed seamlessly through the connection with Exensio Manufacturing Analytics.  GA-MA is designed to provide integration of different data types and multiple data sources. It continuously mines 100% of the data to provide rapid summary analysis across multiple products of the user’s choosing.

Guided Analytics provides a low-barrier entry point allowing product engineers to easily use our tool. They can get results quickly and focus on interpretation vs. “wrangling” the data.

Yield Engineers will find that Guided Analytics provides a guided flow with interactive analysis starting with ranked yield impact items to Bin Pareto, Parametric CPK, and correlations between final test and PCM data.

Guided Analytics provides manufacturing executives with a high-level dashboard across product families of interest, ranking products against different yield metrics.

Whether you are an executive concerned about the supply chain or a product engineer chasing target yields, Guided Analytics’ customizable dashboards and guided analysis paths cater to your specific needs.

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Exensio NPI – New Product Introduction (Optional Module) 

このアプリケーションには、XNUMXµmおよびXNUMXµm波長で最大XNUMXWの平均出力を提供する Exensio NPI module for rapid characterization and root cause analysis tools is a suite of interactive analysis tools and customizable applications, designed to simplify the analysis of product characterization data, qualification studies, production ramps, and volume production datasets.  It is designed to be used by Product, Test, Yield and Quality Engineers 

Analysis begins with a standard or customized template and continues through the power of drag-and-drop analysis objects, intuitive filtering, and point-and-click sorting. A range of tools and tabular summaries are provided as standard means of performing common analysis tasks, all of which can be customized to fit any given analysis environment. 

The Exensio NPI module makes it easy to group by attributes, then filter, slice and dice on data without limits. Interactive data sub-selection lets you highlight data values or data groups of interest and drilldown for further analysis.